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About MCFS

The Multicultural Community Family Services, Inc. (MCFS) is a community based, not-for-profit organization located in Upper Darby, Delaware County.  Since its founding in 2003, MCFS has provided social services to more than 500 individuals, youths, and families residing in Delaware and Philadelphia Counties.

The concept of MCFS was conceived in response to meeting the social and emotional needs of African families who were resettling in the Philadelphia region and beginning new lives as immigrants and refugees. These were children and families who had become victims of the vicious and ongoing civil wars in Liberia and other African countries.

The resulting consequences of the civil wars were many. Some of the devastating outcomes included famine, political and ethnic oppressions, and the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of citizens, particularly women and children. Youths forced to become child soldiers, and students of all ages denied the right to an education, were other consequences of the civil wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, the lvory Coast and other African countries.

The horrifying consequences noted above, led many African families to flee their countries of origin and seek shelter as immigrants and refugees in the United States of America. Many of those families have settled in the Philadelphia area including West, Southwest and Northeast Philadelphia, as well as the Upper Darby Township and the Boroughs of Yeadon, Darby, Cowlyn, Landsdowne and Sharon Hill in Eastern Delaware County.


The Mission of MCFS

t To empower African immigrants and refugee families to gain a greater capacity to interact in their new environment.

t To promote and encourage the preservation of African values, culture and tradition.

t To provide counseling, mentoring, recreation and family support services to African immigrants and refugees residing in Delaware and Philadellphia counties.

t Tp provide support through advocacy for African immigrants and refugee children and families.



How You Can Help
Your generous donations and contributions cover the operational cost of the various programs. However, more is needed. We have concentrated our list of needs to those below. If you would like to help, contact Portia Kamara. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

t A van to transport students and families.

t Volunteer tutors and mentors.

t Sports equipment for recreational programs.

t Computers, monitors, keyboards and printers in good working condition.

t A building of our own for hosting counseling, social and recreational programs.


Corporate Partners
In order to provide quality learning experiences
and programs to MCFS participants, we actively seek contributions from dedicated corporate partners for more information please visit our
corporate partnerships page.




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MCFS is a non-profit social service organization that provides quality culturally targeted social services for immigrant and refugee individuals, children, youths and families residing in Delaware and Philadelphia Counties, PA.